Advent Devotionals
  • What is Advent?

    Advent means coming.

    Everyone waits. Life is full of waiting, and we as Christians are accustomed to waiting. The world waited on our King. Now, we wait with hope and anticipation again for him to return.




    The end our our calendar marks beginning for the Christian year. We restart our church calendar by reflecting on Jesus and his coming to our world. Jesus has come and will come again. 




    Here are some devotionals to help you reflect each week of Advent.

  • Week 1 - Hope

    Coming Soon.

  • Week 2 - Peace

    Coming Soon.

  • Week 3 - Joy


    During the season of Advent, we reflect on waiting.

    Everyone knows what is like to wait. Many of us probably remember waiting, as a child for, Christmas morning to finally arrive. For months, we built up anticipation for that magical morning—one filled with joy, happiness, gifts, love, and wonder.

    Everyone understands waiting, for we all know what is like to live with a burning anticipation inside us.

    We wait on Jesus.

    Many waited on his coming. Now we wait on his return.

    A waiting that again offers the beautiful experience of joy.

    When we encounter Jesus, we find the fullness of joy.

    Yet, the blessing of Jesus is that even in the waiting we experience joy.

    Just like a child, waiting for Christmas morning filled with delight, we who wait on Jesus, wait filled with a warm and healing joy.

    Find the joy of waiting with Jesus this week.

  • Week 4 - Love

    Coming Soon.

What should I expect?
  • When are the Christmas Services?

    For the month of December, we will be celebrating the season of Advent—the celebration of the coming of Jesus.

    On December 24th, Christmas Eve, we will have our special Christmas service!

    Worship Service: 10am.

    Carols and Candlelight: 5pm.

  • Where is your church?

    Our church is in south Kansas City. Here is our address:

    11801 E Bannister Road

    Kansas City, MO 64138

  • What should I wear?

    Our church is casual.

    We do not have a formal dress code. During Christmas, it is sometimes more common for people to wear dressier clothes (Christmas sweaters, dresses, etc.).

    However, there will still be many people who prefer to wear casual clothes. Don’t feel any pressure to dress up—unless you want to!

  • Will you have activities for kids?

    For Christmas Sunday, our worship service at 10am will have a service for children.

    Our 5pm Carols and Candlelight service is a family service for everyone. It is only one hour and will have elements for the entire family.

  • What is “My gift to the King?”

    Every year, we hold a special offering for a project or ministry. We call this gift “My gift to the King.” Throughout the month of December, you can gift your gift to the King.

    This year, our “My gift to the King” offering is going to go toward our Children's ministry. We are outgrowing our current Preschool space and will be raising money to create a new and larger kids space for our little ones.