Whats next?
Next Steps

We are an active group of mobilized followers of Jesus.

We take the Great Commission seriously and try our best to commission each person in our church to do the work of Jesus wherever they are at.

This page will highlight some of the key next steps you should take here at Commission Church.

If you haven't talked with a connections team member and would like help finding the best next step for you, feel free to contact us here. We will reach out and help you get connected at Commission!


One of the first things followers of Jesus should do is get baptized in water.

2. Find a LIFE GROUP

Community is key to living a joyful and healthy life. Find your community and support.

3. Partner with us by SERVING

Serving is a great way to get connected to the people and mission of Commission Church.

4. Get DISCIPLED at the Buntain Center

Growing in our faith means we learn more about God and the Bible. Join a course at the HI Buntain Center for Kingdom Mobilization.

5. PRAY with us

There is so much to pray for: peace, comfort, healing, provision...