Commission Kids Announcements

  • New Commission Kids Class Structure 5/1/24


    Praise the Lord! Our families are growing!

    As a natural response to our church—and families—growing, our Commission Kids classes are being restructured to serve our children in the best way we can. Here are the following updates to our Commission Kids class structure:

    1. We adding a third class on Sunday mornings for our children.

    We will now be offering a nursery room and dedicated preschool room. Nursery is for 0-2 years old. Our New Preschool classroom will be for 3-5 year olds.

    We have been blessed to have new volunteers step up to serve our children. Praise God we are able to bless and love our children.

    2. We will be changing the ages of our grade school class to Kindergarten to 5th Grade (formerly K-6th).

    Starting on Graduation Sunday on June 2, 2024 we will begin a new transition for all current 5th and 6th graders. Over the summer, we will begin encouraging all current 5th graders (those going into 6th grade in the fall of 2024) to begin attending our Sunday Worship with their families on Sunday morning AND attending Youth with the other middle and high school students.

    As we have looked to best serve and mobilize our young people, we have noticed several areas of need in our approach with students. More and more school districts include 6th grade in middle school. As a result, many of our 6th graders are dealing with topics of sex, depression, inequality, drugs, racism, sexuality, etc. on the daily.

    In a time where children are being introduced to mature and serious conversations earlier in their devlepment, our pastors feel it is necessary to combat this cultural shift with equipping our young people with God-centered answers in a way that is relevant to their current stage of life. Sadly, this means we have conversations earlier.

    Thus, we must be vigilant and proactive to shepherd our children well.

    Below is a video that provides more detail on theses changes.

    Also, you can email Ps. Abram directly with specific questions!