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Is the Holy Spirit active in creation? | David Bailey | Genesis 1
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What happens when the Holy Spirit falls on you? | Abram Bagunu | Ezekiel 36:22-32
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How can the Holy Spirit make a DIFFERENCE in my life TODAY? | Dr. Fel Bagunu | John 14:15-28
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Resurrection Sunday | What does it mean to be truly FREE? | Dr. Fel Bagunu
Dr. Fel Bagunu3/31/2024
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God Dwells with Us | Dr. Fel Bagunu | Exodus 29:45–46
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Why Do We Need Priests? | Abram Bagunu | Exodus 29: 35–46
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Why Did God Tabernacle with His People? | David Stanley | Exodus 25-27
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Am I Obligated to Keep the Law? | Dr. Fel Bagunu | Exodus 21–23
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Are You Obligated to Keep the 10 Commandments? The Way of Love | Dr. Fel Bagunu | Exodus 19–20
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Are You Grumbling Against God or Trusting Him? | Briana Collins | Exodus 15–16
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What do we do?! Hope for the forgetful when our backs are against the Red Sea | Abram Bagunu | Exodus 14
Abram Bagunu2/11/2024
How is God leading you? God's Guidance: Clouds, Fire, & the Indwelling Spirit | Dr. Fel | Exodus 13
Dr. Fel Bagunu2/4/2024